Saturation Diving lets divers to work and live in a hyperbaric environment reducing the need for decompression at the end of every dive and allowing them to decompress once at the end of their rotation.

The principle of saturation diving can be used at depths from 16 msw to 350 msw, divers are able to work for up to 8 hours in every 24 hours this maximising on available resources for the completion of project tasks.

DCN owns and operates two independent saturation diving systems. These so-called SAT-systems allow our divers to undertake subsea surveys, construction works, inspections, maintenance and repair in up to 300 m water depth. Both systems are portable with modular system components that can be effectively transported by land, sea, or air.

The two SAT-systems are accompanied by versatile launch configurations minimising their required footprint area. It also makes them efficient for compact deck requirements or for installations inside buildings with limited or challenging space. Our systems are IMCA-compliant and ABS-classed.