A full range of services from the Procedure Qualification through to Production Welds


AWS Group’s pipeline welding services include the following:

  • Project Management
  • Automatic Welding of Pipelines
    • offshore trunklines
    • export lines
    • flowlines
    • steel catenary risers (SCR’s)
    • onshore pipelines
  • Automatic and Manual Welding of CRA pipelines
  • Spoolbase Pipe Welding using Automatic as well as Manual Welding Techniques
  • Welder Training and Qualification
  • Welding Services Consultancy


AWS Group  is well versed with several advanced Automatic Pipe Welding Systems.

AWS Group’s welding system of choice is the Vermaat Dual Torch Automatic Pipe Welding System.  As an authorized agent for Vermaat, AWS Group can sell or rent this equipment to its clients.


AWS Group is a full service provider of pipeline welding works, and can provide complete managed solutions for offshore and onshore pipeline welding projects, including:


  • Management of the entire welding scope of work
  • Development of welding procedure specifications
  • Welding procedure qualifications
  • Welder training and qualification
  • Supply of welding consumables
  • Provision of welding and ancillary equipment
  • Provision of supervision and welding personnel

AWS Group provides highly experienced and qualified personnel for the onshore and offshore construction of pipelines for the oil and gas industry globally; and supplies all types of pipeline construction equipment, on a sale or rental basis, including:


  •     Automatic Pipe Welding Systems
  •     Pipe handling and support equipment
  •     Pipe facing machines
  •     Internal line-up clamps
  •     Engineered systems, including laybarge equipment, conveyor systems, double joint systems



AWS Group is involved in research and development activities, including:


  •     Development of state of the art welding complex based on Vermaat Automatic Welding Equipment and advanced Lincoln Welding invertors
  •     Development of Automatic Welding System and welding procedures for 0% defect welding of girth welds
  •     Testing and development of contact tip materials
  •     Welding consumable evaluation
  •     Weld repair techniques and technology
  •     Bespoke R&D based on clients requirements
  • Hyperbaric welding and testing facility in the Netherlands
  • Engineering – procedures for weld qualification
  • Fabrication & design/fit out of habitats to client requirement
  • Existing habitats to fit most applications and pipeline diameters
  • Qualified personnel & equipment